The annual fund means unrestricted money that can be used where it’s needed most. The Annual Fund covers things like: books and teaching materials, food, electricity, cleaning supplies and heating. Although this may not be a very attractive option to give to, the Annual Fund is essential in providing coverage and helps cover some operational needs.


This fund helps to maintain buildings and equipment (painting, plumbing, carpentry, maintenance, green areas, repair and maintenance of equipment, etc.). If you make a donation to this fund, it will be used for the most urgent needs, as determined by the administration.


This fund helps ensure that no student is shut out. Many families struggle with the cost of obtaining a quality Christian education for their children. You can help these families by investing in the life of a student. The economic situation of the applicants will be evaluated to ensure that the FEM scholarships (Fondo de Estudiantes Meritorios – Deserving Student Fund) are delivered to those who actually need them and meet the requirements.


This fund helps deserving students pay for sports activities, music lessons or mission trips. We want every student at John Andrews Adventist Academy to become well-rounded and have the opportunity to pursue their own unique interests. Extracurricular activities help students build character, develop their creativity, learn to express themselves, and form memories. These funds will be used to cover the expenses that these extracurricular activities may generate (trips, outings, musical and/or sports equipment, etc.).


The “Funds for Musical Orchestra” will be allocated to meet the needs of the John Andrews orchestra. With your contribution, we will be able to acquire instruments, sheet music, and essential equipment for the musical growth of our students, as well as facilitate the organization of concerts and events that allow them to showcase their talent to a broader audience. Your support becomes a fundamental pillar for the musical and personal development of our young talents.